Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Post a Week. That's all we ask.

A couple of my favorite friends and I have vowed to challenge (its not exactly a challenge, but I'm highly motivated by them so I'll call it that) each other to update our blogs at least once a week. So, here goes for this week!

I've felt like quite a lucky girl this week and it just keeps getting better.

To begin with, I received a few gift cards for my birthday and huz let me spend a little extra to get these books.

I really wasn't intending to buy a book that consists only of sweets, but The Vegan Scoop really got me. It has beautiful photographs that made me crave ice cream like I never have! Here's a shot of some butterscotch ice cream I made on Sunday.

Isaac was so bowled over by it, that he had the cutest giggle attack I've ever seen from him.

I also made a shirt for myself.

Its Simplicity 2931, view C. Ignore my clashing outfit. I'm not sure I'm actually in love with this shirt and its going to take a big dose of humble pie and bravery to wear this thing out of the house. I love the fabric, but I don't think its the blouse for me. Additionally, since I've been shredding every morning for the past 28 days, I think I want something that hugs my curves a little more to show that I'm not just getting up at the crack of daylight and shocking my body with jump plies for nothing.

I also added a few things to my etsy!

Finally, my dream for a Bernina sewing machine may be coming true. I'm off to go look at one of these avocado beauties in a few minutes. My next post may be the story of how I finally made the leap to divorce my Brother sewing machine.


megagem said...

I already completely failed at posting 'one a week' on Sunday... so I overcompensated and posted two yesterday. Does that count?

I'm excited to check out your machine!

east.west said...

Yay! we can totally all do it! plus, meg, that totally counts!

Generalisimo Douchebag said...

I really like that fabric you used for the shirt.