Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Restaurant Review: Amici's Pizza

It appears that I'm grasping at straws to find content to update this blog with. Its not that I don't have new things I'm working on, but I've been too lazy to ship out gifts and know that some of the recipients may read this and spoil their very overdue surprises. In the meantime, I'll give you a restaurant review.

A couple of months ago, Huz and I discovered a new vegan cheese, called Daiya, while vacationing in Southern California. This amazing new vegan cheese melts, stretches and tastes a lot like the real thing. We can't purchase this stuff in our next of the woods, so we bought extra and created a stockpile in our freezer at home. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this is no exception. Our Daiya has run out and we've been brainstorming ways to get more. Daiya's website states that you can purchase it in San Francisco, but can enjoy it in Vacaville. Done. We loaded ourselves into the car and drove to Amici's Pizza in Vacaville and feasted on pizza with cheez! A rare event for a vegan indeed!

Overall, Amici's dining room was open and inviting. The service staff was decent, but we got seated quickly and our pizza arrived super fast. The kitchen was also wide open so guests could watch the chefs spinning pizza dough up in the air: a total treat for I. We ordered a large pizza that was half Asante (the menu stated that this was a vegan pizza!) and half Veggie with Daiya instead of dairy cheese. The pizza was amazing and the Daiya totally lived up to our expectations: melty, stringy and tasty. The crust was thin, but light and airy. So good!

Here's a close up of the Asante. This was my favorite.

Check out that crust! Oh, I wish I had more!

And here's a glorious slice of leftovers. On a side note, check out the new placemats, tablecloth and napkins I made for us. I quilted a strip of scraps into the top fabric and I love the way it turned out. I think I'm developing quite a love of tasteful patchwork. Think cool, not country cute, though. There won't be any ducks with bonnets or geese with fiddles around here.


nortagemdar said...

What about Ducks with Fiddles?? :) That pizza looks absolutely amazing; so jealous! We need to stock up on Daiya for our lady trip.

Anonymous said...

experiment time!
I want to feed Ry this psuedo cheese and see if he can tell the difference.

IsamarDesigns said...

SF trip this weekend!! Daiya in the works!

@ Generalismo: Apparently Ben could smell the decoy, so Ry probably will, too. Its not exactly the same taste as mozzarella, but its really good and the best part is that it has the same properties as cheese. Up until now, vegans have had to settle for cheese that melts into a sauce. Bleh.

nortagemdar said...

Bee didn't smell it - he got over halfway through the slice before he questioned it and all he asked was, "What mix of cheese did you use?" And I think that had the pizza been hotter, when the cheeze is at a proper melty consistency, he wouldn't've known. Anything he says to the contrary is to save face. ;)