Friday, August 28, 2009

Spokesladies Represent

A few months ago, my huz and some of his friends started a bike gang. Don't worry, they're really just a mild-mannered group of well-dressed fellows with great intentions of riding their bicycles to work and seeking awesome, cheap restaurants while on their lunch break. They refer to themselves as the Sac Spokesmen.

I'm not sure how it started, but at some point they decided it would be fun to do a "monthly" cover song challenge where they select one song and all create their own versions of it. Each man's cover song is kept on the down low until a specified date that usually involves a listening party. Being that us wives of the Spokesmen are subjected to listening to said song in its original and covered versions at least a thousand times before the song gets submitted, we ladies decided that we should have a say in the song selection process. Apparently, many of the members of the Spokesmen hemmed and hawed about the wives choosing songs and perhaps broke into cold sweats imagining what horrible song we could dream up for them to cover. I don't know why they would think we'd pick something awful. We all have fabulous ears for music and only listen to the finest. That being said, its ladies choice for Cover Song Challenge # _ (Six I think).

I've asked that the Spokeswives, or Spokesladies, submit their song rankings here in the comment section of my blog as anonymous comments. Each lady will post the twelve songs that we chose among ourselves (three songs each) and rank them from 1-12 with the first choice having the heaviest weight of 12 and the last choice having a weight of one. The song that gets the most points will be selected as the winner and our guys will have whatever amount of time they determine to finish it off and submit it. Then we all get to listen and party together! Did I mention the fact that we all have adorable kids around the same age that all play together so well, too? It really is great fun to attend and host these listening parties!

Update: There was some disagreement on the method of rating the songs for this challenge. I think the popular consensus is to rate the songs as a 1-5, instead of weighting them 1-12. The song with the highest rating is the winner.

.....and the winner is...... The Postal Service- Brooklyn Blues!


Anonymous said...

Black Heart Procession-7
Folk Implosion-10
Laura Gibson-11
Postal Service-12
Sam Cooke-8
Secret Stars-5

Generalisimo Douchebag said...

The Huz's bike gang should meet up with... the Rosemont Pedalphiles.

Anonymous said...

Dudes are getting impatient!

Here is one set of votes:

Laura Gibson - 2
The Black Heart Procession - 1
The Folk Implosion - 1
R.E.M. - 3
Interpol - 3
The Postal Service - 4
Aden - 3
Ladytron - 3
Bjork - 3
Secret Stars - 4
Sam Cooke - 4
Styx - 4

and here is another set of votes:

Laura Gibson- 3
The Black Heart Procession- 1
Folk Implosion- 4
REM- 5
Interpol- 2
The Postal Service- 4
Aden- 5
Ladytron- 4
Bjork- 1
Secret Stars- 2
Sam Cooke- 3

Anonymous said...

Laura Gibson - 5
The Black Heart Procession - 3
The Folk Implosion - 5
R.E.M. - 3
Interpol - 5
The Postal Service - 5
Aden - 3
Ladytron - 3
Bjork - 1
Secret Stars - 4
Sam Cooke - 5
Styx - 1

Anonymous said...

Laura Gibson - 2
The Black Heart Procession - 5
The Folk Implosion - 4
R.E.M. - 5
Interpol - 4
The Postal Service - 4
Aden - 2
Ladytron - 2
Bjork - 3
Secret Stars - 1
Sam Cooke - 3
Styx - 2